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Gayatri Mantra

A translation of the Gayatri Mantra: 

You are the source of all power

Whose rays illuminate the world

Illuminate also my heart

So that it too may do your work. 

Even though I am in Yoga Teacher Training it’s a challenge to do a home practice. I love yoga! I love the way it transforms my mind, my body and my actions. Apparently though, something, some part of me, resists what is good for me—whether it be yoga, writing, running or cleaning my dishes. All of these things beneficial, all of them I resist. 

Tonight I got on the floor to do a 20 minute yoga session. I got through two poses then laid back, said a few OMs and let my mind cease…meaning, it just ran at about 15 mph instead of 95. I’ll take it. After awhile I thought of this copy of the Gayatri Mantra sitting in my notebook, got it out, attempted to say it, but just thought about the meaning. And really that’s all I want. I want to worship God/dess, the Creator, the Divine and be a kind, wise, loving, creative person. 

It just sounds so nice, doesn’t it? 

Too bad it’s none so easy. 

I never got people who said that to want to be kind, wise, loving, free-spirited, creative was to be flaky. To be those things in this world? Well, I suppose you could do it by shutting everything and everyone out, thus becoming a flake. But then you really aren’t wise, because you don’t acknowledge truth, and you’re not kind, because you’re not really reaching out…etc. To really be those things in this world takes heartbreak, and loss, and hard truth, and the power to ultimately accept those things and rise above it. 

I have not risen above it. I am bogged down in the melancholy, the fear and the loss. 

…I love yoga. Gets things stirring!


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