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Book Update

Last night, in a bid to rid ourselves of as much junk as we could before we move, husband and I took our old clothes to Goodwill and sold our castaway books and magazines at Half-Price Books. Selling books at Half-Price is always a dicey proposition. I went in there once with one box full of current paperbacks and still-in-use textbooks and walked out with $60. Yesterday Jonathan and I sold about 50 current-ish magazines and two boxes full of books—mostly engineering and physics textbooks—and got a ticket for $12.


Still, the buy-back discounted three books I greatly desired: Drawing Down the Moon (Margot Adler, 2006 edition), The Spiral Dance (Starhawk, 20th Anniversary edition) and The History of the Devil (Gerald MessadiĆ©, American edition 1996). I started Drawing Down the Moon last night and couldn’t put it down. As a sociological/cultural study it’s fascinating…I appreciate how she goes to great lengths to define her terms, acknowledges the controversy behind calling all/most of witchcraft Wicca, etc.

I realize it’s kind of irrational to buy books when I just finished packing all of our book boxes (eight! full! boxes!), but…well. When opportunity knocks…:)

So now the plan is (besides pack, pack, packing) to finish Drawing…, continue the exercises from Paganism…, and afterwards read the History of the Devil and Spiral Dance. If I don’t post much in the next few days, forgive me, as today is really the last day before the moving push (with all our families included) begins in earnest.

And still…suggestions always welcome.


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