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This morning the husband and I went to the local Unitarian Universalist Church. It was…nice. The people were friendly, the service was okay…There just seemed to be a lack of energy or vibrancy. My husband asked, “Why are they all here?”

I told him I thought it was because that, though they all differed in their spiritual beliefs, they liked the idea/desired spiritual community. He accepted that answer but still asked, “But what would a Pagan ceremony be like?” (A visitor-guy told us that there were sometimes Pagan services). I think it baffles him. That’s okay.

It didn’t baffle me so much as…feel…kind of…like…why? I think I’d rather find people more intensely interested in the same kind of spirituality/religion than I am rather than a general interest in…well…spiritual, but not religious, themes. They do have a pagan group, but on the bulletin it seemed like the group (and the church, in general) was going through some sort of transition period. There were allusions to problems they were trying to fix. Which isn’t a bad thing, but if the main group I’m interested in is dysfunctional, then…well, why go?

I know that some people have a problem with UU churches, citing “flakiness”. I don’t think that they are flakey, necessarily, just committed to the idea that as long as everyone in the congregation works for peace, love and justice it doesn’t matter what creed motivates you to do it. I respect that. The congregation we visited had tons of social action programs going on—homeless outreach, hunger walks, GLBT groups, etc. But still…I am not looking for a place to meet other activists; I am looking for a place to explore my spiritual walk in the context of community. I’m not sure I could do it there.

Will we go back? Maybe. We’ll see how far ambivalence gets us out the door next Sunday morning 🙂


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