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It started like this:

As usual, I sat on the couch at work today, bored. Bored and scouring the internet for diverting information. I had read my book, done the errands, fixed lunch and…well…scouring the internet or watching Days of our Lives were my options. I chose the internet. Going onto forums of different belief and just reading around. Even if I’m not interested in X or Y system of belief/religion it’s still interesting to read what people think.

I belong to one Pagan forum—Ecauldron—which I appreciate for their collective intelligence and knowledge on all things Pagan–they do advertise as being more erudite than most pagan forums. However, they weren’t really busy this afternoon so I typed “pagan forum” in Google and found my way to Mystic Wicks.

Mystic Wicks seemed to be busier and chock full of content. It has a different vibe than Ecauldron but still—I’m an interested seeker-type. All things are interesting. So I read about spells and dreams and herbs and god(desses) and stumble upon the crystal/gem section of the site. The site really is huge…to get to that section took me about 2 hours.

I’ve always been interested in stones and gems and know that a few ladies in my yoga class are really into it, so I gave it a click. I’m not really saying no to anything at this point—even things that make me feel foolish. I click through, and really, I’m pretty disbelieving.

The thing is…magic stuff…makes me feel…weird. I like the idea of it. And I believe in ‘magic’ perse—I believe in forces we can’t see, prayer, spirits and the like. I’ve had direct experiences with demonic behavior/demons, premonitions, prophetic dreams. So you could say I’m pretty open minded in general. But magic—eh? It gives me a weird vibe to approach doing it. However, something about the gemstones intrigued me today and since I’m generally not saying no to anything the next thing I typed in to Google was: “gemstones store austin” which lead me to Crystal Works. I made note to go another day—on my day off, Thursday.

Except the next girl comes early so I’m relieved of my shift. Still, I put it out of my mind and get onto Mopac, with all intention of zooming by the exit. But I don’t. I make my way onto 5th, then Lamar and then pull into the Enfield shopping center and enter a small store jam-packed with crystals, stones, prisms and statues and seeming to radiate light.

Crystal Works is a beautiful store. I could have spent hours pursuing the brimming shelves. Bells and wind chimes tinkled and the air smelled of beeswax and lavender. Who wouldn’t be enchanted?

As I walked around I tried to see if any stone “leapt” out at me, but none really did, so I began reading the tags and caught one called “labradorite–for the 3rd eye, for those wishing to find their spiritual path and open their eyes to possibilities and magic.”

A-ha. I confirmed the lore in the books they had, first, and then decided to get it.

I first picked up a small and muddy colored stone until the corner of my eye caught the larger, tumbled variety of labradorite. They were beautiful! A creamy green at first glance, but then in the sunlight they shimmered iridescent. I found one that fit into my palm, paid and walked out with my first gemstone.

I got home and meditated with it. Nothing out of the usual—I went through 10 sun salutations and then laid back to meditate, per usual, except I placed the stone in my hand.

I can’t report anything spectacular, except a kind of fear when I began. Like this was “wrong” and I was inviting in “evil spirits”. But I did it anyway…I don’t want to be held captive to fear.

We’ll see tonight though. I’ve been having very vivid, premonition style dreams/nightmares lately. I know this was anticlimactic! But I wanted it posted before tonight so…there would be some accountability if something -did- happen…


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