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Sage and Fennel Tea

So, my husband and I are going on vacation in 6 days and I have developed swollen glands in my throat. Usually I would dose with Tylenol and hope for the best, but I’m going to be proactive and get this under control. Herbally!

So I mixed up some sage and fennel tea (or infusion, if you want to be technically correct):



Sage might be my new favorite herb. I acquired a beautiful pouch of it from one of the local occult shops, Ancient Mysteries, and it’s organic, high quality stuff. I then brewed some tea and strained it, adding a dollop of honey to finish it off.


It tasted wonderful! Clean, fresh and smooth. I finished the cup about 15 minutes ago and there is still a mild astringent feeling on the back of my throat.

Lately, I’ve been really ‘into’ herbs. I want to make my own incense and experiment with herbal remedies. For me, it’s like wine. One reason I enjoy wine so much is that there is so much to know! It’s truly an educational experience to drink wine. I feel the same about herbalism…there’s such a depth of knowledge to be learned, how could you ever tire?

I’m off for a walk, to think about things and to get my lymph moving! Happy Monday, everyone.

Contraindications for sage/fennel: do not use if you are pregnant, lactating or epileptic. Do your research!


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